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◆ through strategic cooperation to form a vast network of waste paper recycling  
By a wide range of waste paper recycling network in the affluent Yangtze River Delta and Jiangsu Gongxiaozongshe cooperation   Control the resources of the scarcity of waste paper in the region to ensure the production of high-grade paper demand and excess waste paper sold to other paper mills need has long-term sustainable development. 

◆ capacity expansion   
The company plans to waste paper in the acquisition of capacity expansion by the end of 2009 to 700,000 tons the size of the end of 2010 reached 1.5 million tons of waste paper recycling scale, as a pioneer of integration and control 30% of waste resources of the Yangtze River Delta.    Plans to start building in 2010, two 100,000 tons of bleached waste paper deinking pulp line and plans to put into operation in 2011.    Plans to build two 100,000 tons of white cardboard production line in 2012. 

◆ new products and technologies   
100% of waste paper to low-cost production of bleached de-inked pulp to replace wood pulp.    Deinking white cardboard and high-grade coated paperboard.
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